In October 2019, Emily and Sarah (A Bradford Christmas) showed up at Colt Paper office looking for a donation of bubble wrap to help with their food hamper drive. We have seen both Emily and Sarah blossomed into two amazing humanitarians. Their hard work within the community of Bradford has inspired me to do my own charity work, our first and successful toy drive.

This year Emily and Sarah are honored to help out “Bradford Helping Hand Food Bank”, the initiative is to raise $50,000.00 before Christmas. You might think $50,000.00 is a lot of money, in reality the service provided by some food banks have quadruple during this very difficult time. You or someone you know may have or one day need the service of a food bank. We are not immune to job loss, hard times or a pandemic. I remembered going to the food bank with my father in Brampton when I first moved to Canada. I also remember only as recent as 8 years ago being a single mom and having to go to the food bank to feed myself and my daughter. Community food banks open their hearts, hands and doors on a daily basis. Helping families and individuals who cannot put a meal on the table, I am speaking from experience. Their work and role in our community is vital, essential and should not be taken lightly. A Helping Hand Food Bank needs a hand! Are you willing to lend a hand and donate to a good cause?

If you or anyone you know can help Emily and Sarah with their goal please feel free to reach out to them via Instagram @abradfordchristmas or visit

Charlyn Asher
– President of Colt Paper