Brand Awareness and Packaging

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with brands; your brand tells you apart from your competitor. We hear talks about brand awareness but where does packaging comes into play? In-fact packaging not only plays a vital role in the distribution of goods, however we are now using custom packaging as a marketing tool for greater brand exposure. It also helps your company to stand out from your competitors.

Traditionally, shipping supplies were use to protect contents and to get product safely from point A to B, however, in today’s world, brand awareness and transparency add greater value.

With the internet boom and social media, consumers are mesmerized with product presentation, unboxing videos can be seen with the click of a mouse. First impressions matter, a branded box or bag comes across a gift to the consumers. The excitement of a branded box can enhance the customer experience creating an emotional connection.

The next time you are thinking about a brand expansion or new marketing initiatives why not include branded packaging. Where does Colt Paper come in? We are able to help you design and customize all your packaging needs, from printed boxes, printed tape and printed tubes to poly bags.