• Moving In the Right Direction with Moving Boxes
    Whether you’re moving from one place to another or de-cluttering to free up some space, having a safe and secure method of storing you precious belongings is generally what matters most so pairing the right box or bag can work wonders in saving you time and ease the chore of loading and unloading each. Box size and construction are the main concerns when moving and tidying is concerned. While box size is self-explanatory box construction isn’t so for those yet versed in the world of box testing and strength and have yet to call a cardboard box a corrugated box … Read more
  • Shipping With Mailers
    Shipping mailers come in all types of sizes and materials that are best suited for a single item ensuring a tight fit. By having a tight fit it almost eliminates the need of cushioning materials such as wrapping paper, extra bubble, foam or packing peanuts where you would find in a regular boxed shipment. Mailers also have the advantage of being more convenient with their locking tabs or peel away self-sealers making tape, glue or even staples a thing of the past. How do you pick the right mailer? The item you intend on sending will determine which mailer you … Read more
  • Word Of The Wooden Pallet – Part 2
    In Part 2 of this blog we are going to highlight some of the creative ways a person can recycle a wooden pallet. If you missed Part 1, please read it here. Have you ever come into contact with a wooden pallet, word on the streets is you can reuse, refresh and recycle it into some pretty neat stuff? You don’t have to be overly creative to come up with some pretty cool projects made of wooden pallets.  Grab a hammer, some nails, a paint bush and a can of paint and let’s get working. Here are a few but … Read more
  • Word Of The Wooden Pallet – Part 1
    Let’s keep it real, there are all different types and sizes of pallets one can use from wood, to cardboard to plastic to aluminium. We are not going to dive in all the different kinds in this blog, we are going to focus on the most popular kind “The wooden pallet”. What is a wooden pallet? A pallet is a horizontal platform, typically consisting of three or four stingers that support deck boards.  When we hear the word wooden pallets, we think about pieces of wood placed together to create a square, we also think about what products and items … Read more
  • How To Measure a Box
    Measuring a box, seems pretty simple right? For the most part it is, but there are many different variations and details to pay attention to hence the reason why most people get it wrong. In this blog we are going to right the wrong and teach you how to measure a box or how to figure out what size box is needed for your specific product or item. Are you ready? Let’s go! Wait before we go any further, please stay away from the flaps. Do not measure the flaps, let’s keep the wings out. To measure a box first … Read more
  • Shrink or Stretch Wrap?
    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s superman! Confused right? That’s the same feeling that comes to mind when talking about shrink or stretch wrap. We know it can be overwhelming when you’re looking to protect products on pallets, the first thought is should I use stretch wrap. The second thought is maybe I should use shrink wrap? The third thought is what’s the big difference between these two? It is quite the dilemma trying to decide which one is right for you and your needs. Let’s keep in mind both shrink and stretch wrap are perfect packaging solutions, both … Read more
  • P For Peanut
    Peanuts and beer? Ha-ha good one, I got you! You thought it was the kind of peanuts you have with a nice cold beer on a hot summer day, right? Sorry It’s not that beer and peanut match up, it is the peanut and packaging match up. Have you ever opened a box to find hundreds of little pieces of foam and wondered why they are included? Majority of people find the tiny pieces of foam to be a nuisance. Try spilling them and it seems as if it’s the end of your world for the next five to ten … Read more
  • Pop Your Bubble!
    We are not talking about your COVID-19 bubble, stay home, stay six feet apart and stay within your bubble. In this post we’re referring to a different type of bubble, the famous bubble wrap! What is bubble wrap? Bubble wrap is a sheet of plastic containing an air bubble used to protect fragile items from damage during transit. At Colt Paper we carry a variety of different sizes and styles of bubble wrap to suit your packaging needs: Boxed- With 12-inch perforated 3/16 sheets 3/16- Perfect for cushioning light to medium weight products 5/16- Good for void fill applications where … Read more
  • To Tube or Not to Tube
    To use shipping tubes or not? Great question, right? When we hear shipping tubes, we think big brown paper tubes used for shipping posters, blueprints and artworks, so boring right? What if I were to tell you shipping tubes (capped and crimped) is a safe and economical way to ship products other than the items listed above. What if I told you these tubes can be customized to fit your product and it can also be used as a marketing tool; would you believe the versatility of shipping tubes? Paper tubes provide a great option for shipping many non-conventional items. … Read more
  • Thinking Outside the Record Storage Box
    At some point most offices, big and small would experience the annoyance of record storage and this is where the famous record storage or bankers box comes in. One might even catch them in the hands of a lawyer walking into a courtroom. Maybe even in the hands of a former employee being walked or dismissed from a job. You can always spot one in a home office, as a treasure chest, filled with old kids’ report cards and artwork, house documents and mom or grandma prized family recipes. Nonetheless the main purpose of these boxes is to hold hard copies … Read more
  • Filling the Void with Void Fill
    Corrugated boxes and poly bags on their own may be enough to protect your shipment from the harsh handling realities of any courier, postal or shipping service available however to ensure piece of mind sometimes the use of void fill materials such as bubble, foam, paper or biodegradable peanuts is the only way to go. The type of item your shipping can determine the need for void fill which helps secure the internals of any package at a reasonable cost. If an item is fragile or moves freely within the container then it will pay dividends to use void fill. … Read more
  • Polyethylene In Packaging
    Poly bags or sometimes referred to as plastic bags come in many varieties and provide a cost effective form of packaging for many businesses by ways of protection and ease of handling. In this post we will cover key points of interest when discussing polyethylene and the most widely used products. Milling about the MilThe thickness of the poly sheet or bag will often be described in Mils, not to be confused with the metric measurement of millimetres, as 1 Mil is equal to one-thousandth of inch, 0.001 inch or the rough equivalent of a human hair. The more demanding … Read more
  • Part 3: The Terminator of Tape – The Tape Dispenser
    In this part we’re going to uncover the role of the tape dispenser. the reasons why your tape isn’t sticking properly. If you haven’t read Part 1: The Basics of Tape or Part 2: A Sticky Issue we recommend you take a minute and read those if you haven’t. Dispensing tape can be a love or hate relationship. Good dispensers apply a uniform strip that seals, a bad dispenser usually leaves air bubbles and uneven seals which happens in an instant and from a single misstep, that is why tape dispensers are so valuable even more so when multiple packages … Read more
  • Part 2: A Sticky Issue
    In this part we’re going to discover the reasons why your tape isn’t sticking properly. If you have read Part 1: The Basics of Tape we recommend you take a minute and read that post if you haven’t. A tool that doesn’t do its job isn’t confidence inspiring and considering that tape is the very tool used to secure and seal a customer’s precious items you expect it to perform without fail until it arrives at its final destination. If not, your customer is already searching for answers or worse, alternatives and you’re left with making it right which can … Read more
  • The Tale of The Tape -Part 1: The Basics of Tape
    If you’re thinking about shipping anything in a stock or custom box you’re going to want to secure all the openings with some type of tape. Which type of tape depends on the application and the results you expect from each tape. Since Colt Paper is all about shipping and packing we’re going to focus on packing tapes, the most common being plastic (poly) or paper (kraft). Construction Plastic packing type or carton sealing tape is a single piece of film which spans many meters in length. The cost effective construction makes it perfect for general use where the load … Read more
  • Reasons Why You Should Use Corrugated Boxes
    Corrugated boxes have been around since the late 1800’s, almost everything we purchase today comes in a box, from a shoe, a fridge, to a cellphone. The list is endless, almost everything in today’s society is shipped or received in a corrugated box. In this blog we are going to break down some of the main reasons why a company should consider using a corrugated box for their packing needs.  Product Protection A corrugated box is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape which runs in between the … Read more
  • The Benefits Of Supporting Local Businesses
    Now more than ever it is very important to support small and medium size local businesses. Most companies look outside of the province and country to meet their packaging needs as a way of monetary savings and to reduce overhead costs. In this blog we are going to highlight some of the advantages of shopping locally. At Colt Paper we are defined by our spirit, ambition and resilience. Here are some of the reasons why you should support a small business like Colt Paper. Outstanding Customer Service: Have you ever called a larger packaging supplies company only to be placed … Read more
  • Creative Ways To Reuse Your Corrugated Box
    During a move or an online purchase, we accumulate a number of slightly used boxes. What should you do with them?  Should you break them down or recycle them? How about getting creative and reusing them? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of the population is at home with more available time on its hands. Are you bored? Do you want to do some fun stuff with the kids while at home? Grab a box, scissors, fun wrapping paper, some glue and let’s get creative! Planter’s box- One of the best things about cardboard is that it’s biodegradable making it … Read more
  • Corrugated Box Basics
    To the average user a box is brown, square and made out of cardboard, use for shipping, storage or moving. What if I were to tell you there is so much more that goes into the creation of a box? Yes, a box is not just a box, there are many different styles and designs of boxes. The purpose of this blog is to break down the most common styles of corrugated box, with that said, let us dive right into: Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs) are the most common type of box and are the most versatile. These boxes are … Read more
  • Packaging and E-commerce
    Unless you are living under a rock in 2020 you would have heard the term online shopping or E-commerce in the business world. E-commerce is the biggest growing industry with billions of dollars in sales each year. Less emphasis is being placed on the in-store experience and more companies are targeting consumers to purchase their goods online. The outbreak of the COVID-19 is reaffirming the need for E-commerce business and how our society on the whole has evolved. You may ask yourself where does packaging come into play? That’s a great question! As packaging supplies play a vital role in … Read more
  • 3PL VS Setting Up Your Own Warehouse
    You are starting a new business or you are an already established business looking to cut down on overhead cost, you ask yourself should I undertake the hassle of leasing a warehouse space and hiring a full staff to run my company? Should I alternatively send my product to a third-party warehouse who’s well equipped in taking care of my distribution needs? In this blog I am going to break down some of the benefits and why you should consider hiring a 3rd-party logistics (3PL) company who specializes in distribution. First let’s start with the warehousing or storage of your … Read more
  • Quality Packaging Supplies A Must
    Have you ever received a package and thought this looks as if it went through the ringer and back? You received a shipment and the boxes are crushed or items are damaged, or after a big move and during the unpacking process you notice some of your cherished items were damaged; and you think to yourself, better packaging supplies and technique could have solved this problem. Fact is people are more concerned with what’s inside of the package and not the packaging itself. Whether you are shipping a small package to a friend, family member or you are a company, … Read more
  • 4 Must-Haves For Moving
    Not every move is the same, some easier than others and knowing what items to buy beforehand prevents an inevitable stressful situation from becoming a full-blown disaster. These four items cover 99% of moves so keep these in mind when planning the next move. Cardboard Boxes Unless you live in a cardboard box yourself then chances are you have items that need to be safely transported from A to B in the most cost effective manner. A variety of boxes is a sensible option since they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths to give you peace of … Read more
  • Brand Awareness and Packaging
    Everywhere we look we are bombarded with brands; your brand tells you apart from your competitor. We hear talks about brand awareness but where does packaging comes into play? In-fact packaging not only plays a vital role in the distribution of goods, however we are now using custom packaging as a marketing tool for greater brand exposure. It also helps your company to stand out from your competitors. Traditionally, shipping supplies were use to protect contents and to get product safely from point A to B, however, in today’s world, brand awareness and transparency add greater value. With the internet … Read more