Creative Ways To Reuse Your Corrugated Box

During a move or an online purchase, we accumulate a number of slightly used boxes. What should you do with them?  Should you break them down or recycle them? How about getting creative and reusing them? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of the population is at home with more available time on its hands. Are you bored? Do you want to do some fun stuff with the kids while at home? Grab a box, scissors, fun wrapping paper, some glue and let’s get creative!

Planter’s box- One of the best things about cardboard is that it’s biodegradable making it an excellent choice for planter boxes. These boxes can be filled with vegetables or decorative plants and overtime it will biodegrade with no significant damage to the environment.

Forts or skyscrapers for children– This is an obvious one. Stack boxes of various sizes and shapes to make a fort with your kids or see how high you can stack them then let them knock it down and start all over. A fun way to problem solve and get exercise!

Memory box – A decorated shoe box can be a great keepsake holder for old cards, letters, family recipes and memos you cannot part with. 

Pet box– A pet is considered a member of the family, a slightly used box can be decorated with pictures of your pet along with its name. This is a cute and fun idea to get the kids involved designing a custom pet box for your family member.

Furniture making– A quick Google search will result in thousands of ideas on how to create cheap, light furniture and fixtures made out of cardboard. From tables to chairs and light fixtures, these are becoming great architecture art and eco-chic.

Let’s rethink and reuse corrugated boxes. Think outside the box or not! Be safe and creative during this difficult time.