What’s the difference between a custom box and a regular box?
A custom box is sized to a specific size and/or logo and regular box is standard already made stock box

Does it cost the same for a custom box and a regular box?
A custom box cost more than a regular box because it’s a special size and printed specifically for your needs.

How soon can I get my order?
Stock boxes (regular boxes) can be arranged from anywhere from the same day to one or two days max. Custom made boxes can take anywhere from 5-7 business days

What other products do you sell besides boxes?
We sell everything to facilitate your shipping requirements such as tape, custom tape, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shipping tubes, kraft paper roll, plus more.

Do you deliver?
Yes we provide free delivery for any orders over $1,000.00 before taxes, for anything under we have couriers in place in which there would be a freight charge. Please call Colt Paper for more information at 1-800-249-2658

Do you ship only in Canada?
We do provide shipping within Canada and the U.S.

Can I get a delivery on the weekend?
No. We only provide shipping during business hours Monday-Friday. Please call to inquire for any special orders. 1-800-249-2658

Can I walk in to pick up?
Yes you can, just call ahead of time so we can have your order ready. During business hours Monday- Friday.

Do you sell Paper and what sizes?
We sell wide range of different paper including office printer paper, kraft paper and newsprint.

How do I measure a box customization?
Please use our guide found here: Custom Box Request

How do I place an order?
You can place an order by calling Colt Paper at 1-800-249-2658, Fax 416-531-5205 or email – info@coltpaper.com.

How do I find the right size box for my needs?
Everyone needs are different, it would best to call and one of our team members can assist you with the right type of box you need.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, e-transfers and Cheques

Can I set Terms with Colt Paper?
We accept credit card for your first order, net 30 days terms can be arranged by calling our office.

What is a minimum order?
For Shipping we sell boxes by the bundle usually depending on the size of box a bundle can range from 10 pieces – 25 pieces per bundle. Walk ins have no minimum.