Moving In the Right Direction with Moving Boxes

Whether you’re moving from one place to another or de-cluttering to free up some space, having a safe and secure method of storing you precious belongings is generally what matters most so pairing the right box or bag can work wonders in saving you time and ease the chore of loading and unloading each.

Box size and construction are the main concerns when moving and tidying is concerned. While box size is self-explanatory box construction isn’t so for those yet versed in the world of box testing and strength and have yet to call a cardboard box a corrugated box feel free to read our Box Guide and Box Basics.

While it can be tempting to throw as much as possible into large boxes it can backfire in you or your movers are inexperienced. If a box holds more than it’s designed for then stuff will break or eventually break down, your items inside or around said heavy box or your body – arms, hands or back are most common. In rare cases maybe you experience a slip or fall due to poor lighting or a surface with no traction (i.e. moving during winter) while moving.

Breaking down the move into finer loads does two things: 

1. helps keep things organized and easier when unloading and,
2. minimizes accidents due to heavy loads.

The trade off of no one getting injured for a few extra dollars is priceless especially if the movers are your family or friends.

Now that you’ve considered everyone’s well-being you can now focus on the containers being used – boxes and bags. Anything you can live with being crushed or not sharp to piece skin or a thin layer is bag friendly; anything that is the opposite is box friendly and whatever is left over is either too big (i.e. furniture) or trash.

Here are some pairings of the most common used boxes and bags for moving and storage:

Square Moving Boxes
Ideal bulk items that take up space or not suitable for a bag.
20 x 20 x 20 – Electronics, Large Fixtures, Toys and Decor
17 x 17 x 17 – Kitchen Supplies and Small Fixtures
15 x 15 x 15 – Books and Framed Belongings

*Moving Tip* – For more fragile items using a soft fluffy blanket or pillow around items inside the box as cushioning not only saves your bank account but also the environment!

Compact Moving Boxes
Use these for smaller heavy weighted items or delicate items.
18 x 12 x 9 – Plates, Mugs, Glassware
16 x 11 x 6 – Utensils, Tools, Groceries

*Moving Tip* – Small pieces of clothing or linen to protect and secure items in place also reducing the amount of noise from items moving around.

1.5 Mil Bags (Garbage Bags) – Clothes and Linens

*Moving Tip* – Bags that have a thickness of 1 Mil or less could tear or puncture if not careful.

Furniture Bags (Poly Protectors, Plastic Sheet) – Chairs, Sofas or Mattresses

Special Considerations
Slim Box (TV Box) – Televisions or Large Artwork
Cardboard Tube – Posters or Non-Framed Artwork
Filebox / Record Box – Documents and Books
Void Fill – Bubble Wrap, Loose Paper, Foam or Bio-Degradable Peanuts
*Want to know more about Void Fill or Cushioning? – Please Read

If you rather take the guesswork out of picking and choosing then our Moving Kits are perfect.

Moving is an opportunity to purge your inventory of stuff in your life and we hope that doesn’t mean people who you can’t stand but if they are happy to help we dare you to say no.

Stay safe and good luck!