Packaging and E-commerce

Unless you are living under a rock in 2020 you would have heard the term online shopping or E-commerce in the business world. E-commerce is the biggest growing industry with billions of dollars in sales each year. Less emphasis is being placed on the in-store experience and more companies are targeting consumers to purchase their goods online. The outbreak of the COVID-19 is reaffirming the need for E-commerce business and how our society on the whole has evolved.

You may ask yourself where does packaging come into play? That’s a great question! As packaging supplies play a vital role in the E-commerce space, it is just as important as the product itself. One cannot exist without the other, both going hand in hand.

In some of our previous blogs we spoke about the importance of packaging and also custom packaging as a marketing tool. In this blog we will break down some of the main items one will need if they are considering an e-commerce store or interested in online shipping.

Here are the must haves:

Depending on your product, you might want to pick a single wall (29, 32, 40 ECT) box or even a double wall box (42, 48, 50 ECT) for fragile items, nonetheless a box is a must have. Our box guide is there to help you if you want to learn more, please use this link.

Tape Rolls
A standard two inch or three-inch polypropylene tape is also a must have to properly secure boxes and bags.

Bubble Mailers/ Courier Bags
These are a cheaper means and a replacement to bags, items that are not fragile can be shipped in these such as clothing, books and board games.

Shipping Tubes
Is another great alternative for a box or bag, these are durable and are perfect for shipping posters and drawings.

Other items such as bubble wrap, kraft paper rolls, shipping peanuts and other stuffing materials provide great low-cost protection for all parcels.

To sum it all up-packaging supplies plays an essential role in the supply chain, thinking about starting an E-commerce business. Colt Paper is there to help you get started!