Pop Your Bubble!

We are not talking about your COVID-19 bubble, stay home, stay six feet apart and stay within your bubble. In this post we’re referring to a different type of bubble, the famous bubble wrap! What is bubble wrap? Bubble wrap is a sheet of plastic containing an air bubble used to protect fragile items from damage during transit. At Colt Paper we carry a variety of different sizes and styles of bubble wrap to suit your packaging needs:

  • Boxed- With 12-inch perforated 3/16 sheets
  • 3/16- Perfect for cushioning light to medium weight products
  • 5/16- Good for void fill applications where additional protection is needed during shipping
  • 1/2- Heavy duty for larger, heavier items

Apart from packaging, bubble wrap is famous for being an anti-stress item. Smashing the tiny bubbles is addictive! Jumping or stepping on them is another fun way to release the inner kid in you. No matter the use of bubble wrap one has to admit, it plays a vital role in the packaging industry. Give us a call today for all your bubble needs, from bubble rolls, to kraft bubble mailers, poly bubble mailers, pouches stock and custom bubble bags we have you covered.