Quality Packaging Supplies A Must

Have you ever received a package and thought this looks as if it went through the ringer and back? You received a shipment and the boxes are crushed or items are damaged, or after a big move and during the unpacking process you notice some of your cherished items were damaged; and you think to yourself, better packaging supplies and technique could have solved this problem.

Fact is people are more concerned with what’s inside of the package and not the packaging itself. Whether you are shipping a small package to a friend, family member or you are a company, shipping products to another company or to a consumer, one thing is for sure at some point we will all need packaging supplies. A quick internet search can yield many local companies who specialize in packaging and shipping supplies. Look for a reputable company with knowledge of the industry, along with passion for providing the best quality shipping products and outstanding customer service.

As a shipper or manufacturer are you getting the best quality shipping supplies? Are you cheapening out on your packaging supplies? Do not cut corners on your packaging supplies. Although quality shipping supplies may cost more, in the long run you will save on your return by avoiding damages, freight, fulfillment and inconveniences. The way your product arrives to your customer or consumer is a direct reflection of your company. Investing in quality shipping supplies not only allows your product to arrive safely it also shows your company’s integrity and standards. The way a skid or package leaves your facility is not the way it arrives at the intended recipient.

The transportation process is grueling, boxes get crushed and damaged, pallets are shifted which may cause damage. The best way to prevent such inconveniences for yourself and your customer is to invest in quality packaging supplies. Call Colt Paper, we have an expert team to help you design the best packaging solutions for your company.

From custom boxes, to stock boxes, bubble wrap, poly bags, poly foam rolls, biodegradable pelspan, tape rolls, new and used pallets, kraft and bubble mailers, edge protectors and more. If you need it, it’s guaranteed that at Colt Paper we have it.