Shipping With Mailers

Shipping mailers come in all types of sizes and materials that are best suited for a single item ensuring a tight fit. By having a tight fit it almost eliminates the need of cushioning materials such as wrapping paper, extra bubble, foam or packing peanuts where you would find in a regular boxed shipment. Mailers also have the advantage of being more convenient with their locking tabs or peel away self-sealers making tape, glue or even staples a thing of the past.

How do you pick the right mailer?

The item you intend on sending will determine which mailer you end up using. We’ll breakdown each mailer type and the items usually found in each of the mailers.

Corrugated Mailer

This mailer offers the most protection and built-in features such as locking, tabbed or multi-depth depending on the design of the mailer. More fragile items are often wrapped in additional cushioning such as bubble, foam, peanuts or paper as cheap insurance. Once assembled, the sides of the mailer sometimes double or even triple the protection where the most fragile, oddly shaped or expensive items that go through the mail adequate protection.

Most commonly shipped items in corrugated mailers: mugs, glass, auto parts, artwork, electronics, vinyl records, food, precious items or collectibles.

A.K.A: indestructible mailer, box mailer, dimension box, locking mailer, tabbed mailer, literature mailer, folding mailer, record mailer, courier box.

Padded Mailer

bubble mailers in toronto

Commonly used for ecommerce, it can fit almost anything a corrugated mailer with the exception of fragile or sharp materials at a fraction of the cost thanks to its lightweight construction. The fact that it’s manufactured with a layer of cushioning, self-sealing (usually air tight) and tamper or tear resistant makes it the first option when a corrugated mailer is overkill. In most cases the exterior can be made of poly or kraft. The most common type, the bubble mailer, is used for many if not all situations.

Most commonly shipped items in padded mailers: electronics, jewelry, books, digital media, toys.

A.K.A: bubble mailer, paper filled mailer, poly bubble.

Courier Mailer

Very similar to the bubble mailer with the exception of the bubble liner. Courier mailers can be act as a bubble mailer in a pinch by wrapping the item beforehand but the hassle of doing so and the competitive price of the bubble mailer make it the better option. Clothing or boxed items are perfect for poly mailers since they can withstand being tossed or squished and any more protection or cushioning will only add to the total cost of shipping.

Most commonly shipped items in corrugated mailers: magazines, digital media, clothing, textiles.

A.K.A: poly mailer bag, film mailer, self-seal mailer, kraft mailer, courier bag, poly envelope, mailer bags, plastic mailers, tear-proof mailer

Flat Cardboard Mailer

Ideal for literature or documents. Flat and durable cardboard mailers can tolerate bending forces but can only take so much abuse while in transit or exposed to the elements. The convenient self-sealing feature makes them easy to use and secure.

Most commonly shipped items in corrugated mailers: documents, manuals, CDs, DVDs.

A.K.A: flat mailer, media mailer, stayflat mailer, fiber mailers, jiffy mailer.

Why Choose Mailers?

Another notable feature of mailers is that they can be custom printed which can be worth the cost when building a brand setting yourself apart from your competition. In an age where more items are shipped directly to the customer via online, having the packaging display your logo or messaging only enhances the customer experience.

Those who use mailers can attest to their versatility, reliability and ease of use since they’re cost-effective, use minimal space, require little to no assembly and weather resistant.

Unlike their boxed relatives, some shipping mailers have the added benefit of built-in features such as water resistance and taking up less warehouse space not to mention costing less per unit which is perfect for those that don’t require a box for their shipping needs.

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