Tale of the Tape- Part 3: The Terminator of Tape – The Tape Dispenser

In this part we’re going to uncover the role of the tape dispenser. the reasons why your tape isn’t sticking properly. If you haven’t read Part 1: The Basics of Tape or Part 2: A Sticky Issue we recommend you take a minute and read those if you haven’t.

Dispensing tape can be a love or hate relationship. An evenly applied strip of tape that is smooth to the touch and cut to perfection is when everything goes right, when it goes wrong it usually happens in an instant and from a single misstep, that is why tape dispensers are so valuable even more so when multiple packages are needed in a hurry.

Why is it important to have a tape dispenser?

Even if you’re sealing one package there’s no guarantee that it’ll be your last. So having a dispenser on hand just in case ensures you can find both the tape and dispenser in one place rather than looking for the two items in different locations so say goodbye to using a pair of scissors, a kitchen knife, spare keys or even your teeth to cut that perfect length of tape. A tape dispenser is a tool to make the act of applying and cutting any length of tape in a single action thereby reducing the chances of tape sticking to itself or splitting unexpectedly while being used. Some designed with better grips, adjustable features and made using lightweight and durable materials making the job more pleasant and painless.

Manual or Machine?

With performance you expect price and thankfully most manual dispensers are affordable and well suited for most jobs however in situations where multiple packages are the daily routine then switching over to a machine can pay dividends and when you’re dealing with multiple sizes since precise cuts of tape are done at the pull of a lever or push of a button as some are entirely programmable and automated.

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