The Benefits Of Supporting Local Businesses

Now more than ever it is very important to support small and medium size local businesses. Most companies look outside of the province and country to meet their packaging needs as a way of monetary savings and to reduce overhead costs. In this blog we are going to highlight some of the advantages of shopping locally. At Colt Paper we are defined by our spirit, ambition and resilience. Here are some of the reasons why you should support a small business like Colt Paper.

Outstanding Customer Service: Have you ever called a larger packaging supplies company only to be placed in a telephone queue or to be transferred to a number of different departments? It can be frustrating, right? At Colt Paper, one of our strengths is providing outstanding customer service to anyone who calls or walks into our store/warehouse. We go over and beyond to ensure all the customers’ needs are met, big or small requests we are happy to help. We work hand in hand with customers to design and produce quality shipping supplies. 

Know the people and owner behind the products: Most medium and small businesses are run by people, not by boards, shareholders or stockholders. Our president is always on site to provide her expertise in the packaging industry. We are able to provide a different kind of care and quality in our products. Our main focus is being the best we can be and our products and services are a direct reflection of who we are. 

Improve our local economy: Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, local transportation companies, printing companies and other service providers. For every $100.00 you send at Colt Paper, 100 percent stays within our community. Our employees are members of our community, we are investing in them and ensuring their well-being, with your support.

Locally made shipping products: We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, 99 percent of the products we offer are manufactured within the Greater Toronto Area. All of our boxes, tapes, bubble bags, poly bags, kraft paper rolls, bubble mailers, pallet wraps are Canadian made. We walk the talk, meaning that we actually, do and keep our promises by supporting other small and medium businesses in our community.

We are grateful for all the support from the public and all our customers over the last 85 years. We could not have done it without you. Remember we all make a difference when we support our local businesses.