Thinking Outside the Record Storage Box

At some point most offices, big and small would experience the annoyance of record storage and this is where the famous record storage or bankers box comes in. One might even catch them in the hands of a lawyer walking into a courtroom. Maybe even in the hands of a former employee being walked or dismissed from a job. You can always spot one in a home office, as a treasure chest, filled with old kids’ report cards and artwork, house documents and mom or grandma prized family recipes. Nonetheless the main purpose of these boxes is to hold hard copies and important documents such as contracts, receipts, invoices, employee forms, tax forms, and banking information accumulate over time. Not only that most of these records have to be kept on file for quite a number of years, what better way to keep them safe than in a Colt Paper record storage box. In this blog we are going to highlight some of the reasons why you should consider using our record storage box.

filebox bankers box

Box Style

These economical storage boxes are 32C, 200 test medium duty and suitable for legal or letter size paper. Our boxes come in a standard shape and size that is affordable and recyclable, making them the popular choice for many businesses throughout Canada. Corrugated boxes usually have one layer of fluting between two liners, making them durable to hold up over time. Our boxes come with easy to carry handles and closed windows for extra protection from light and sun damage on all your important documents. Detailed information can be filled in on our printed boxes as to the contents
and location of all your important documents. You’re down to your last box and don’t remember where you purchase the box?  Don’t worry we got you covered; we have all our re-ordering information on the lid of our boxes.


Our boxes come flat for easy transportation and are easy to assemble, with the touch of a few flaps making them effortless to use.

Are you looking to store your important information and keepsakes? Why not give us a call? 416-535-7234 or email at where we carry the best and most durable record storage boxes in the business.