To Tube or Not to Tube

To use shipping tubes or not? Great question, right? When we hear shipping tubes, we think big brown paper tubes used for shipping posters, blueprints and artworks, so boring right? What if I were to tell you shipping tubes (capped and crimped) is a safe and economical way to ship products other than the items listed above. What if I told you these tubes can be customized to fit your product and it can also be used as a marketing tool; would you believe the versatility of shipping tubes? Paper tubes provide a great option for shipping many non-conventional items. They can easily accommodate items of different shapes and sizes that don’t always fit in a traditional box.

At Colt Paper we are able to customize any tube, making it functional for your every need. Branded tubes can make your product and company stand out above other brands and your competitors. Shipping tubes can also help businesses save money on freight by eliminating oversize boxes and reducing waste. We are able to provide you with a variety of different wall thickness, diameters (1.5- 10 inches), colors and plastic end caps.

cardboard paper tubes

Next time you’re looking to create a really neat marketing initiative to wow your customers consider using a tube, in our case we created this really neat custom logo tube filled them with goodies such as pens, chocolates, lip balms, hand sanitizers, wireless mouse as a way of thanking some of our customers  and suppliers. We would love to help you create a powerful marketing and branding message for your company with shipping tubes. Contact us today!

coltpaper promotional items